So during my week in London in March I travelled the expensive tube journey to Heathrow terminal 4 to see some friends from back home who I hadn’t seen since Christmas who were heading off to Thailand. 

It was the point when i was trying to think of an idea for my final shoot for relationships brief.  So thought i’d do something quite heartwarming on the people who come back though the arrivals door to the embrace of their family and friends, basically stealing the idea from Love Actually. 

When I said my goodbyes to my two friends I headed downstairs to the arrivals lounge where i was met with about 20 or so men in suits with name placards with the names of the people they were supposed to be picking up and driving to an location. For some reason maybe to do with the timing or the terminal i picked there were only a very small number of people actually waiting for family and friends so i quickly dismissed this idea as i didnt have a large timeframe. 

So i concentrated on taking candid portraits of the drivers trying to decipher the odd relationship that these men had with the names on their placards. Here are the results. They were an odd buch and some of them didn’t take too kindly to me taking pictures, but i had asked permission from Heathrow beforehand.

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